BY MAIL @ or call 392-1620.    Portal is open from 8/24 to 10/9

EARLY IN-PERSON 10/13 to 11/2, M-F 7:30 a.m. to 4 pm  &   Sat: 10/17, 10/24 & 10/31 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

@ County Admin Bldg, 1840 Simon Kenton Way, Cov.

@ Independence Senior Center, 2001 Jackwoods Pkwy, Indep.


@ County Admin Bldg, 1840 Simon Kenton Way, Cov. :  One is outside and the other is inside the Voter Registration Office. Available now

@ Independence Courthouse, 5272 Madison Pike, Ind:  One is outside in the back of the building. Available now

@ Independence Senior Center, 2001 Jackwoods Pkwy, Indep.: One will be inside in the building.  Available starting October 13, 2020 with early voting.

ELECTION DAY 11/3/2020: Check your polling locations under the Where to Vote or Precinct Information and Locations tab

SUPERCENTER ON ELECTION DAY:  This supercenter is available for any voter on Election Day.  It will be located at 1840 Simon Kenton Way, Covington.

Voting by Mail-in Absentee Ballot:

To request an absentee ballot you will indicate that you are qualified to vote absentee due to one of the following reasons:

1. Person who due to age, disability or illness will be unable to go to the polls on election day,
(or concern about contracting or spreading COVID-19)*.
2. Student who temporarily resides outside the county in which he is registered.
3. Voter who temporarily resides outside the state but who is still eligible to vote in the state.
4. Person who is incarcerated and has been charged with a crime but has yet to be convicted.
5. Person whose employment location requires him to be absent from the county all hours and all days absentee voting by machine is conducted.
6. Military personnel confined to a military base on election day.
7. Person who is participant in the Office of the Secretary of State’s address confidentiality program.