KENTON COUNTY BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS (BAA) exists for the sole purpose of arbitrating real property assessment disputes between the Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) and the OWNER/TAXPAYER of the real property.

If an OWNER/TAXPAYER of real property disagrees with an assessment placed on the property by the PVA office, they should contact the PVA  at 859-392-1750 and request a conference for a reduction in the assessment.  If the PVA and the Owner/Taxpayer can not resolve the dispute on the assessment, then the owner must file out a 62F031 (3-19) APPEAL TO THE LOCAL BOARD .  The appeal must be submitted to the County Clerk no later than one working day following the conclusion of the open inspection period.

DEADLINE FOR APPEALS IN 2019 IS MAY 22, 2019 AT 4 P.M.  Appeals may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to the office but must be received by 4 p.m.

The LEGAL REQUIREMENT of the Board is to arrive at the fair market value of the property set forth in the appeal.

Hearings are generally informal. Both the PVA and the OWNER/TAXPAYER present evidence to substantiate their respective values. The Board members review the evidence and arrive at what they believe to be the fair market value of the property set forth in the appeal.

They report their findings to the secretary of the BAA, who is usually a deputy clerk of the County Clerk’s Office. The secretary notifies the OWNER/TAXPAYER and the PVA of the Board’s decision.

Membership on the Board is governed by KRS 133.020 and the duties and compensation of the Board is dictated under KRS 133.125.