How do I find out who the candidates are and the offices they are seeking?

A sample composite ballot will be published by the county clerk in the local newspaper at least 7 days before election day. You may also call the voter registration office at 859-392-1620 and inquire about the elections to be held in your county. The Kentucky State Board of Elections’ Website will also be able to supply you with this information.

Do I have to produce Identification to vote?

All voters must produce identification or be known by a precinct officer prior to voting.  KRS117.227 and 31 KAR 4:010 provide the types of ID that can be used by the voter such as: Personal acquaintance of precinct officer, Driver’s license, Social Security card, credit card, or another form of ID containing both picture and signature.

How do I operate the voting machine?

You may request instructions on how to use the voting machine from the precinct election officials assigned to your precinct on election day.  A sample ballot should be posted at the precinct.

What if I have special needs at the polls?

Under the new Help America Vote Act (HAVA), all states are required to have a voting machine in each polling place that allows anyone with a disability to cast a ballot free of outside assistance. Nevertheless, voters who ask for voting assistance due to physical disability, blindness or an inability to read English may request voting assistance at the polls on election day. Physical disability and blindness are the only two reasons a voter may apply to the county board of elections for permanent voting assistance. A person may receive assistance from someone of their choice or the two election officers at the polls. A person may not be assisted by their employer, the employer’s agent, a union officer or agent of that voter’s union.

Can I vote by Provisional Ballot?

A provisional ballot is to be used only in federal elections to cast a ballot for federal offices by an individual who resides in the voting precinct and falls under one of the circumstances below:

  • A voter whose name does not appear on the roster and whose registration status cannot be determined by the precinct officer.
  • A voter whose name does not appear on the roster and who has been verified as ineligible to vote.
  • A voter who does not have identification.
  • A voter who is voting as a result of a federal or state court order or any order under state law in effect 10 days prior to election day which extends the polling hours.
  • A voter who has been challenged by all four precinct election officers.

If you vote a provisional ballot, you can determine if your vote counted by using the Provisional Voter Information search feature located on the State Board of Election’s web site or by calling your local county clerk of the county in which you cast the ballot.