Fee Schedule for Land Records




  • Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate $16.00
  • Affidavit of Descent & Transfer $13.00
  • Affidavit $13.00
  • Articles and Amended Articles (Profit & Nonprofit) $11.00
  • Assignment of Mortgage $13.00
  • Assignment of Rents $17.00
  • Assignment of Vendors Lien $13.00
  • Assumed Name $13.00
  • Bail Bonds $28.00
  • Bond to Release Mechanics Lien $27.00
  • Child Support Lien and Release-In State $5.00
  • Child Support Lien and Release-Out of State $13.00
  • Deeds $17.00
  • Deed of Restrictions/ Restrictive Covenants $13.00
  • Deed-Transfer Tax: $1.00 per thousand
  • Easement $17.00
  • Release of Easement $13.00
  • Fixture Filing $29.00
  • Fixture Filing Continuation $13.00
  • Judgment Lien $13.00
  • Land Contract $17.00
  • Land Use Restrictions $16.00
  • Lease $17.00
  • Limited Partnerships (LLC) or Partnership Agreement $11.00
  • Lis Pendens Notice & Release $13.00
  • Memorandum of Trust $13.00
  • Mechanic Lien & Release $13.00
  • Mortgage $17.00
  • Mortgage with Assignment (MERS) $29.00
  • Mortgage Modification Agreement $13.00
  • Modification & Extension of Mortgage $13.00
  • Name Change $8.00
  • Notice $13.00
  • Plat $20.00
  • Power of Attorney $17.00
  • Release of Mortgage (Full or Partial) $13.00
  • Revocation of POA $13.00
  • Subordination Agreement/Waiver of Priority $13.00
  • Tax Lien & Release Federal $12.00
  • Tax Lien & Release State $5.00
  • Wills including probate order $8.00
  • Renunciation of Will $13.00
  • Notary $19.00
  • Miscellaneous Documents $13.00
  • Certified Copies (plus 50 cents per page, after 3 pages) $5.00

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Records Data

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Corporate Records

All document filings at the County Clerk’s office that pertain to Real Estate must include a Property Identification Number (PIDN) and a Group number for the relevant properties.

Articles of Incorporation for Business and Non-Profit Corporations-Filing Fee $11.00

The document must be:

  • Executed by one of the offices authorized in KRS 271B.1-200(6)  and  KRS 273.252
  • Document must be filed with the Secretary of State FIRST
  • The clerk is presented one exact or conformed copy having the stamp of the Secretary of State


Assumed Names-Filing Fee $13.00

AKA (Also Know As) DBA (doing business as) or Fictitious Name Filing.


The document must have:

  • The name being assumed
  • The real name and address of the individual or entity assuming the name. A domestic general partnership must include the real name of each partner
  • The document must be filed in county where the entity is deemed a resident under provisions of  KRS355 (see  KRS 355.401 for specific requirements).
  • Assumed names may or may not have a Preparation Statement (KRS 382.335). The document must be executed per KRS 365.015 as follows:

The document must be executed as follows:

  • Individual – by the individual
  • Partnership – by at least one authorized partner
  • Limited liability partnership – by at least one partner authorized to do so by the partners
  • Limited partnership – by a general partner
  • Limited liability company – by a member or manager authorized to act for the limited liability company
  • Business trust – by the trustees
  • Corporation – by a person authorized to act for the corporation

Assumed Name Renewal-Filing Fee $13.00

Assumed names are effective for 5 years from the date of registration and can be renewed by filing a renewal certificate 6 months prior to the expiration or renewal date. The filing requirements are the same as for the original.

Assumed Name Withdrawal-Filing Fee $13.00

Assumed name withdrawals are done in a similar manner per  KRS 365.015(4),with the additional information of “date the original was filed” as a requirement.


Declaration of Trust-Filing Fee $13.00

The document must have the following:

  • The individual(s) who is establishing the trust
  • The name of the trust and/or the trustee
  • The Trustee(s)
  • Preparation Statement

The clerk shall request a return mail address.

The document may or may not be notarized.


Partnerships-Filing Fee $11.00

Partnership agreements or certificates are filed with the Secretary of State first, then with county clerk.

The document must have:

  • The stamp from the Secretary of State on it in order to be filed at the county level
  • The person presenting the partnership to the Secretary of State should present two copies–one is filed there and one stamped as having been filed
  • This copy is then recorded at the County Clerk’s office in the county where the partnership maintains an office

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Index Information

Courthouse Code – “C” Covington. Located in Kenton County Building

Document Type Index Start Date
1.Court Orders 05/91
2.State & Fed Tax Liens 01/87
3.UMEMP Ins.  Liens 01/87
4.Judgment Liens 01/87
5.Delinquent Tax 01/82
6.Marriage License 1874
7.UCC 05/91
8.PIDN Numbers 1994
9.Official Records Books 05/01/99

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Courthouse Code – “I” Independence. Located in Independence Courthouse

Document Type Index Start Date
1.Miscellaneous 05/91
2. Deeds 05/91
3. Mortgages 05/91
4. Easements 05/91
5. Court Orders 05/91
6. State & Fed Tax Liens 05/91
7. Land Use Res. 05/91
8. Judgments 05/91
9. Marriage License 05/91
10. Chattels 05/91

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